Gluten Free at Apollo Pizzeria Stoke Newington


The Best Gluten Free Pizza I Have Ever Eaten (so far..)

Now, I have eaten at Apollo Pizzeria many times and never been able to take a picture good enough (it’s pretty dark in there) to get pick up on Instagram. So I thought I’d write this blog instead to get across how amazing they are for gluten free PLUS, there’s a ton of veggie stuff.

To start Apollo offers a Burrata, Olives or a Green salad, all of these can be made gluten free if you let your server know you have an allergy. The Burrata is Burrata, creamy and delicious and cheesy (of course).

This place isn’t really about the starters though, it’s all about the MAIN EVENT - the PIZZAS. Now Apollo do use a frozen dough (I think they all do), but only to avoid cross contamination, and they roll it all out lovely so it looks like genuine pizza, rather than a cakey disk. Everything tastes so fresh. This is genuinely the only gluten free pizza which I have wanted to eat all of the crust on. It might be a bit controversial because everyone loves Rossopomodoro (which is great) but they’re just a bit sloppy for me.

I have tried all of the pizzas on the menu, except the Diavola (they’re not completely sure if the sausage is GF) and I can recommend all of them - except that one. My favourite is the Guanciale, which is pork cheek (soz veggies), smoked cheese and incredible little tomatoes. However.. the base, sauce and cheese are so good sometimes I just have the Margherita!

The cocktails here are excellent too and the wine is cheap, so it’s a great place to wind down after a stressful day at work or head here for a chilled Saturday.


My Rating

My Rating - almost top marks

Gluten Free Offerings: 4/5
You have to give a heads up in advance if you’re gluten free as it takes a little longer to make (mostly to avoid cross contamination). And sometimes they run out, so I would suggest always calling before you go.

Cross Contamination Awareness: 4/5
I have had the chef come out and talk to me so they are definitely very aware. Only issue is that it is a pizza place so there might maybe be a chance. I have probably eaten here/had delivery at least 10 times though and never been glutened.

Gluten Free Service: 4/5
As above, sometimes they run out and you have to call ahead but it’s worth it

Gluten Interrupted Recommended: 5/5
I LOVE THIS PLACE, thin crusted, bubbly dreams


160 Stoke Newington High St, London
N16 7JL

Apollo Pizzeria Website