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Apres Food is a quaint restaurant in Clerkenwell offering a selection of gluten free and refined sugar free meals, so there’s no chance of any cross contamination! Plus they also offer a selection of dairy free meals.

I attended Apres with some of my favourite gluten free instagrammers and Catherine, one of the founders, came to speak to us before we ate and was very knowledgeable about the menu, recipes and also nutrition. This was very interesting, so make sure you chat to her if she is around!

The menu at Apres Food is made up of a selection of sharing platters and boards, so there isn’t starters as such, but.. If you do want something to ease your way into the food I would highly recommend getting the bread on it’s own. The bread at Apres is something very special, as most of you know, gluten free bread can be a little bit gross, but here it’s truly lovely.

The rest of the meal is more bread, I tried (and ate most of) one of the Bruschetta platters and it was delicious - just look at my pic. The bruschetta doesn’t taste one bit gluten free and I’m not quite sure how they do it, it’s ridiculously good - worth going here just to try that. My favourite was the avocodo and pesto one, it was very fresh tasting which I enjoyed. I didn’t really try any of the other dishes (as I don’t eat fish at all, and don’t really eat any other meat other than chicken), but they also looked amazing.

I also got to try the date brownie, I don’t usually get excited about brownies, as they are generally the one thing I can always eat, but it was great and I would recommend getting it.

I wasn’t drinking on the night (very unlike me), so can’t recommend any of the wine or cocktails just yet, but did have a very tasty lemon and ginger tea. I’m sure when I go back (which I will) - I will be able to update this.

One thing I also would like to try are their brunch options, because the pancakes look phenomanl! So will definitely try and pop back here to sample.

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My Rating

My Rating - ALMOST top marks

Gluten Free Offerings: 4/5
The food here is all 100% gluten free, which I love but I can’t give this full marks because whilst I love bread and I love bruschetta, I felt like I was waiting for a main course with all of the bready sharing platters. 

Cross Contamination Awareness: 5/5
You know there’s no cross contamination here.

Gluten Free Service: 5/5
Of course it’s all gluten free so perfect!

Gluten Interrupted Recommended: 4/5
I really enjoyed my evening and food, the brownie was definitely the highlight. I still can’t help feeling there’s more for them to offer than sharing platters. This definitely won’t stop me from returning again because DAMN that bread is delicious.



72 St John St,

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