Gluten Free and Vegan at cookd dinner Brockley


It can sometimes be hard to find a restaurant with a good selection of gluten free and vegan food..but cookd dinner does it all. Everything on the menu is 100% gluten free and 100% vegan, One of the pop-ups organisers - Bea, is actually coeliac so you can be sure everything will be contamination free.

Broca Cafe is a small and quirky little cafe opposite Brockley station - so very easy to find if you don’t know the area and cookd dinner is a pop-up run every Thursday.

The menu is small but that isn’t an issue when you can eat everything and they change it up every week, so you can go multiple times to try new and different menu items. To start there was either buffalo flavoured pop corn or chips and dips.

Main courses were a tofu katsu curry, lettuce tacos and black bean slaw and a carbonara. I got to try both the katsu curry and the lettuce tacos and they were absolutely delicious. The tofu curry was tasty and the tofu was cooked to perfection (coming from someone who isn’t a massive tofu fan), it had a really nice texture and taste. The tacos served in a lettuce leaf were also delicious, both meals were light and nice and I didn’t finish feeling sluggish. I did also try a margarita with my main and it was super strong - they are 2 for £10 - so go wild!

The real show stopper here was the blackberry cheesecake, which as you’ll see from the pictures looked absolutely amazing and tasted even better. I was dubious about a cheesecake without any cheese, I shouldn’t have been! The base was nutty, almost like a Nakd bar in taste and the topping was creamy, I enjoyed it so much I could have eaten another.

The place is pretty small, so I would suggest getting here early and the service is a bit spotty but the food more than makes up for it!

My Rating

My Rating - almost top marks

Gluten Free Offerings: 5/5
It’s all gluten free so cannot complain

Cross Contamination Awareness: 5/5
Having your food prepared by a coeliac will ease any contaminaton worries you have

Gluten Free Service: 5/5
Great - it’s all gluten free

Gluten Interrupted Recommended: 4/5
Yes! The food is lovely and the menu is great but the service is a little slow. The location is not ideal if you’re not in South London, but it's definitely worth the trip!



4 Coulgate St,

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