Gluten Free at Mildreds Dalston


Mildreds has just opened up in Dalston Square, I’ve heard good things about the other locations so decided to check it out. I always assume that veggie/vegan places cater for other allergies - sometimes this bites me in the ass but this time it worked.

The space is airy and there’s plenty of tables - inside and out. I came on Saturday lunch time and there was no wait for a table. Upon arrival I was asked if I had any allergies and they gave me a special little pink menu with the allergen info.

Most of the starters/small plates are actually gluten free, which is always a nice surprise. I opted for the smoked paprika chickpeas and peppers. These were really soft and delicious, sweet and smoky rather than spicy.

There’s also SIX options for mains which is amazing compared to the usual 1 or 2. I went for a tasty sweet potato Sri Lankan curry with a little sambol to add some heat. The curry was perfect for a cloudy and wet autumnal day. Mildreds also offer a number of freshly pressed juices, the strawberry and pineapple one is exceptionally good.

The service we received was swift and friendly and definitely made me want to visit again! The only downside that the sweet potato fries are fried in gluten oil but hopefully they’ll change that soon! Head here if you’re in Dalston and you want a quick hassle free healthy meal.

My Rating

Gluten Free Offerings: 5/5
Nearly shaved one off for the lack of sweet p fries, but the menu was still rather good.

Cross Contamination Awareness: 4/5
couldn’t guarantee a GF kitchen, but they appeared to be careful and I didn’t get glutened.

Gluten Free Service: 5/5
Fuss free service, easy to navigate, well laid out menu.

Gluten Interrupted Recommended: 4/5
Yes! Get yourself to Dalston or one of their other locations


Mildreds Dalston,
Ground Floor Thomas Tower,
Upper Dalston Square,
E8 3GU

Mildreds Website