Gluten Free at Station 26 Brixton


Station 26 is a 100% gluten free restaurant situated in Brixton market. It’s relaxed and cosy and  makes for an excellent atmosphere when you go with a group!

As everything on the menu is gluten free there is a lot to choose from! I was invited to try the menu with some other gluten free Instagrammers and we had an amazing night!

I was really excited when I saw there was bruschetta on the menu (lame I know..), but I can’t remember the last time I got to eat it. There was two varieties, a vegetarian tomato version and one with chorizo. I’ve been trying to be vegetarian for a while now and have managed to cut out all red meat and pork and so I opted for the tomato and basil option! Not only did it look amazing (just look at my pic!) it tasted phenomenal.

For main there was a lot of options, I spotted there was two burgers on there served in brioche buns (also something I haven’t had for a LONG time), so I choose the halloumi burger, which comes with fries and a very tasty mayonnaise. Again the presentation and taste was excellent, the fries were sumptuous salty (my fav) and delicious. I definitely need to head back to try the schnitzel!

There is also a great selection of cakes for dessert, I was too stuffed to try but we ordered a banana nutella cake for the table which I was too full to enjoy.

Drinks wise, I sampled the prosecco (lots of it) and the white wine, both were reasonably priced and excellent. I can’t wait to go back!

Thanks to Kemi (@the_intolerant_foodie) for organising!

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My Rating

My Rating - top marks

Gluten Free Offerings: 5/5

It’s all gluten free so cannot complain

Cross Contamination Awareness: 5/5
Zero - it’s all gluten free

Gluten Free Service: 5/5
Great - it’s all gluten free

Gluten Interrupted Recommended: 5/5
Yes! The food is lovely, service was great, my only issue is that Brixton is too far away from me ha.



Coldharbour Lane,
Unit 26 Brixton Village Market, London

Station 26 Website